Have You Moved to North Carolina from Another State?

Are your estate planning documents or will from out of state valid in North Carolina? The answer is, it depends. The constitution requires each state to give “full faith and credit” to public acts, records, and judicial proceedings, of which a will is included. But your will, power of attorney, or health power of attorney, are several documents that could be affected by moving to a new state. Different states have Read More

NC’s New Option for Civil Dispute Resolution – the Uniform Collaborative Law Act 

On July 1, 2020, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed House Bill 32 into law. HB32 enacts the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (“UCLA”). The UCLA codifies the process of collaborative dispute resolution, currently used in family law matters, as a means of civil dispute resolution. In enacting the UCLA, North Carolina joins 18 other states and the District of Columbia in providing people of its state a very Read More

Four Reasons to Have a Premarital Agreement

Premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements or prenups, don’t have the best reputation. Many argue that they’re unromantic as their purpose is to make a financial plan to be enacted if the couple that is getting married should ever opt for a divorce. However, despite what it may seem, premarital agreements are actually a very wise move, both for your finances and for your relationship. Read on to find Read More

A Brief Introduction to Collaborative Law

The field of law has developed a polarizing reputation over the years. When people think about a lawyer’s work, they imagine dramatic courtroom scenes, tense arguments, and high-risk negotiations. Practitioners of collaborative law are working to change that and provide more relationship-focused solutions to disputes. Collaborative law essentially represents an entire paradigm shift in the legal field. Traits of Read More

A Brief Guide to Powers of Attorney

What will happen if something befalls you and you are no longer able to manage your affairs on your own? Powers of attorney are documents through which you can appoint another person (or an organization) to manage your affairs on your behalf. They give you the chance to plan for both expected incapacitations, like a long trip abroad, and unexpected ones, like an injury or sickness. There are different types of powers Read More

5 Benefits of Choosing Mediation to Resolve Your Legal Dispute

Let’s keep the courts out of it and solve things with minimal stress. Choosing mediation can help you get the results you want and need for a fraction of the cost. At Goodwin Law & Mediation, we believe in resolving conflict without going to court. Over the years, we have seen how litigation can leave both sides struggling financially and required to follow court orders that don’t really meet their needs. We Read More

4 Things a Participation Agreement Accomplishes

If you have chosen to go through a collaborative process for your divorce, rather than a traditionally litigated divorce, there’s a lot of new vocabulary to learn. As the field of collaborative law has grown rapidly in recent years, its benefits have become more widely available to divorcing couples. If you’re getting started in this process, you’ll need to sign a pledge or participation agreement. A pledge or Read More

Minor’s Trusts Simplified

Are any of the loved ones that you want to include in your Will, such as children or grandchildren, still minors or young adults? If so, you may have concerns that they will use their inheritance unwisely because they are too young to make mature financial decisions. Luckily, there’s an estate planning tool that exists just for this reason! With a minor’s trust, you can charge a trusted adult with managing a young Read More

6 Items to Check in Your Commercial Lease Agreement

When you find the ideal space for your business, you want to jump in with both feet and start making the most of your space. But first, you have to make sure that your commercial lease agreement is in order. Slight changes in your agreement can cost you a significant amount of money or alter your future plans. Documentation is important - while examining the following clauses and items, remember that what is written Read More

Understanding Divorce in North Carolina

When a marriage ends in North Carolina, there are multiple issues that must be dealt with prior to a court granting an absolute divorce. Those who have met the requirements for an absolute divorce want a permanent termination of the marriage and seek an absolute divorce. When the court grants an absolute divorce, the legal marriage is dissolved and both parties are considered single. What is Absolute Divorce? There Read More