Four Reasons to Have a Premarital Agreement

Premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements or prenups, don’t have the best reputation. Many argue that they’re unromantic as their purpose is to make a financial plan to be enacted if the couple that is getting married should ever opt for a divorce. However, despite what it may seem, premarital agreements are actually a very wise move, both for your finances and for your relationship. Read on to find out why!


  1. Prevent time-consuming and expensive court battles.


Unless they opt for alternative methods such as mediation, [link] couples that divorce without a premarital agreement often face lengthy and costly court proceedings to reach an agreement (which often satisfies neither side) about how assets should be divided. Sometimes the stress of court can make divorce between even the kindest people turn acrimonious. It’s a great idea to save your potential future self the stress, money, and time.


  1. Protect your future children.


Prenups allow you to designate certain assets to any offspring the marriage may yield. It can also protect your children’s property rights if you or your spouse remarry.


It’s also worth considering that a premarital agreement may help you shield any future children for witnessing bitterness between the two people they love the most. Of course, parents’ divorce is always painful for children, but the easier the process is for the parents, the less the psychological damage to the child.


  1. Protect your business.


If you have your own business before marrying, a premarital agreement is a good way to protect it. Otherwise, your spouse may be entitled to half of the business if you ever get a divorce.


  1. Taking financial disparity out of the picture can strengthen your romantic relationship.


Believe it or not, prenups can actually be romantic! They can bring partners together by taking money and the possibility of greed or ulterior motives off the table. Premarital agreements don’t mean you think your marriage will end in divorce — they mean you both value planning and want to be prepared for even the worst possible scenarios.

Are you ready to create a premarital agreement?

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